To βραβεύτηκε με τον έπαινο "Dynamic New Comer" στην κατηγορία Εφαρμογή B2B Ηλεκτρονικού Εμπορίου 2015


MEDISYN is not only a reference laboratory but also a well-organized entity that seeks to be always at the forefront of information, expertise and scientific affairs, offering integrated services in the health care sector.

Continuous monitoring and training of its members in modern developments and in cutting-edge issues of Laboratory Medicine is the strategic objective of our company and it is an imperative for physicians of all medical specialties.

In 2014, we successfully completed a yearly plan of education and training which included four modules in everyday practice issues, one nationwide Medicine Symposium and two Medical Meetings regarding paramount medical issues. The seminars – in addition to classroom training – were available online in order to provide the opportunity for distance learning and had a very positive impact and feedback, enabling clinics outside Athens to attend and participate.

In MEDISYN, we continuously invest in education and we want all our work to be characterized by professional - scientific medical excellence. We truly believe that 'knowledge is power' and we strongly support it.