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MEDISYN, 19 years of dynamic presence in Primary Health Care

Medisyn is a pioneer and the only Greek Medical Cooperative business venture. Initially founded in 1995 by a group of microbiologists-biopathologists, its aim is to establish an – innovative for the Greek standards – organization in the primary health care sector, to support laboratory physicians in order to become sustainable and competitive in the health industry.

Today, 19 years later, Medisyn is a leading player, not only locally but also internationally recognized as a reference laboratory. Major accomplishments include:

  • 3 A’ class Medical Diagnostic Laboratories in Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion, equipped with the latest and most up to date technological hardware and ISO 15189 certified.
  • More than 110 experienced scientific staff members and highly skilled executives run the organization on a daily basis.
  • More than 1500 physicians and health care scientists employed in the laboratories of the Cooperative members.
  • Specialized services in R&D, Quality, Scientific support, Operational functions, Training, IT and Financial and legal affairs.
  • 520 Laboratory Physicians and their private labs are member-partners and shareholders and interact with Medisyn on a daily basis.
  • More than 700 labs [private Labs, private hospitals and medical units] as clients all over Greece.
  • Impressive financial data are shown as a result of the implemented business strategy. One of the very few companies in Greece achieving growth in times of recession.
  • New international business development strategies are under way especially for countries in our vicinity.
  • Strategic partnerships with top international vendors such as ROCHE, SIEMENS, ABBOTT and other known brands in the health industry.
  • Major customers like ‘YGEIA’ Group of Companies, OKANA and other large public and private organizations receive services from us.
  • Cooperation with the top European Laboratory, Cerba Laboratoire, for the purpose of carrying out specialized medical tests, as well as the exchange of scientific expertise.
  • Representation and direct import of analyzers, equipment, reagents and consumables.
  • Top ISO 9001:2008 certification whose “scope” includes all operating processes and stages of sample handling and analysis.
  • 417 accredited parameters, according to ISO 15189. A record number in the Greek market (March of 2014).
  • Sample transportation is continuously monitored in terms of transport temperature and global positioning, at all possible temperatures. This particular transport system is ISO 9001 certified and included in the ISO 15189 accredited fields.
  • ISO 17043 accreditation for our QC programs and services and ISO 27000 for patient data security are in progress.
  • Six Sigma implementation to the main subroutines of almost all activity fields.
  • Development of a pioneer nationwide network that provides high level primary health care services with certified quality, joint strategy and a common brand name: IATRICA S.A.
  • More than 150 IATRICA members throughout the Greek territory.
  • Introduced and launched the MQS Certification (MEDISYN Quality System). Laboratories fully certified as to the accuracy and reliability of their tests but also the quality of their provided services.
  • Dynamic presence in scientific training with an annual program of educational seminars and organization of medical scientific events and forums.
  • Partnerships with medical societies (Urology, Gastroenterology Society, etc.)
  • Strong social engagement as part of the cooperative culture, in collaboration with organizations such as ”The Ark of the World”, the rehabilitation team of ”THISEAS” program, the vulnerable groups of the Social Infirmary of the Athens Medical Association and Piraeus Solidarity Clinic.

Medisyn’s corporate strategy for the coming years is to adapt and reorganize all available recourses, despite the turbulent and demanding environment, in an effective way to support its members in all aspects (financially, scientifically, technologically, etc.), aiming to develop the necessary infrastructure for them in order to deal with future threats and challenges. Medisyn’s goal is to upgrade members’ traditional labs to modern qualified centers, able to become key players in the new environment of Primary Health Care.

The vision and mission of each one of us at MEDISYN is to provide reliable and quality primary health care services to everyone. Health is a person’s most valuable asset and we undertake as our main responsibility to work hard towards this direction.