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Medical Biopathology Labs

Medisyn is a Cooperative of Laboratory Physicians which operates 3 ultramodern automated Medical Diagnostic Laboratories in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion). The ISO 15189 accreditation for a large number of tests along with the handling of samples by our members and partners all over Greece is key to demonstrating Laboratory leadership and excellence. The automated laboratory system applied in our own facilities in Attica ensures the ultimate accuracy and reliability of laboratory results for our members and partners, minimizing the factor of human error.

Experience, scientific expertise, infrastructure and rules guarantee full control over the processes throughout all stages of the critical work of diagnostic analysis.

Pre-analysis stage

  • The sample transfer from Biopathological Labs all over the country to Medisyn is carried out according to the regulations of global organizations in the health care sector (World Health Organization, ADR) and ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • The application of an automated barcode reading system for the requested tests is yet another pioneering step to the overall control of the pre-analytic process.
  • The automated sample categorization system and the forwarding of the samples to the analysis systems completes the cycle of quality assurance “before the analysis”.

Analysis Stage

  • ISO 15189 accreditation for 417 important tests (record national number and the widest parameter spectrum in Greece).
  • Use of “state of the art” analysis systems, reagents and materials.
  • Implementation of internal quality control program with daily use of 3-stage serums.
  • Participation in the world top programs of External Quality Control: EQAS-Biorad, EQAS-Randox, UKNEQAS, Instand, DGKL-RfB.
  • In the daily programmed work of Medisyn Laboratories an extended test list (and special Molecular Tests) is included.

Post-Analysis stage

  • Evaluation and approval of results from experienced and renowned scientists.
  • Our analysis systems are interconnected via an LIS (Laboratory Information System) for the automated registration of the results.
  • Results are delivered to the Physicians Labs automatically/electronically: via online secure and encrypted connection through the 2link sub-program of Biomember advanced medical software.