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Biological Substances Transportation

In order to ensure optimal pre-analytic conditions Medisyn conceived and implemented a reliable and secure biological substances transport system.

Actively refrigerated vehicles with a continuous set point between ambient temperature and -20oC, equipped with 6 sub-compartments assuring constantly monitored temperatures of +37oC, +25oC, +4oC, -20oC, -72oC (dry ice) and -196oC (liquid nitrogen).

In this way, any type of sample can by transported under the ideal conditions for any type of analysis to be performed.

Biological substances are packaged according to the ADR / UN 3373 / UN 1845 / UN 1977 IATA Packing Instruction P620 and P650.

Vehicles are equipped with state of the art GPS system, reporting every 2 minutes through 4G data transfer the exact position and the temperature of each thermoregulated sub-compartment. All above information is available online and the customer (sender or receiver) can be informed by e-mail, SMS or printed report on the location and the temperature of his specimens.