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Since 2009, we have provided external quality assessment schemes, through a dedicated Quality Department.

More than 52 different schemes (EQA Schemes attached) in 133 different participation possibilities, covering more than 400 parameters (EQA Schemes with parameters attached) (including clinical chemistry, hormone tumor markers, Microbiology, Parasitology, specific proteins....).

An online data input and statistical report system is implemented via user friendly software.

Medisyn is one step ahead from classical EQA schemes.

Labs can share their results with our experienced consulting team.

Labs can receive consultation and feedback on their results in order to resolve any non-conformity issue and improve their results.

Non conformity special statistics prove the continuous improvement of lab results year after year.

On the other hand, systematic variations (upwards or downwards) due to reagent or analyzer non conformities are detected and, in collaboration with manufacturers, such reagents or analyzers are either improved or recalled.

Using these means, EQA achieves its ultimate objective, i.e. "making lab results and diagnosis safer and more reliable".